Tutorial Office

The Tutorial Office lies at the heart of the College and its prime function is to provide pastoral support to graduate students. Guidance is offered on a range of issues, including health and welfare, finance and relationships between students and their Departments and/or supervisors. The Tutorial Office is also responsible for assisting students with special needs in relation to study and examinations. We liaise closely with the Disability Resources Centre and University Departments in facilitating examinations in College for those who need this. 

How does it work?

On arrival, each student is allocated a personal tutor who will meet with them individually on a regular basis to discuss their general well-being and academic progress. Tutors pride themselves on building a caring personal relationship with their tutees in order to be able to respond to any problems that might arise during each student’s period of study at Cambridge. Social events and group meetings of tutees are also organised on a regular basis to foster interaction between students, Fellows and Visiting Fellows. 

Making contact

Students can contact their tutor at any time to discuss a problem – either directly using the contact details below or via the Tutorial Administrator

In case you want to learn more about your tutors or college based counselling, you can find some introductory videos here http://sms.awartgroup.com/collection/3274507


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